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Litteraturstipend i Graz i Østerrike

Forfatterforbundet har fra den norske ambassaden i Wien mottatt invitasjon til søknad om et ettårig skrivestipend med opphold i egen leilighet i den østerriske byenGraz.

The city of Graz awards the "Writer of the City of Graz" scholarship each year. It includes theprovision of an apartment for free in the Cerrini-Schloessl on the Schlossberg, from
September 1
stof the year of awarding until August 31stof the following year, and a monthly allowance of EURO 1.300,--. The Kulturvermittlung Steiermark will supervise the guest in consultation with the City of Graz-Department for Cultural Affairs.

The intention is to promote writers who show innovative ability and examination of current subject matters, quality in aesthetic and linguistic terms, authenticity and artistic independence. The residence in Graz should contribute to cultural exchange and interaction with the local literature scene. The scholarship holders explicitly agree to stay in Graz for at least 8 months during this period.

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